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ماژول مبدل تقویت کننده DC-DC 1.2A (2.0-5V) USB

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ماژول مبدل تقویت کننده DC-DC 1.2A (2.0-5V) USB
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Input of 2V to 5V DC voltage , stable output 5V DC voltage , output 1000ma current input with two AA batteries , a single lithium battery power supply output 1200ma current , for mobile phones , cameras, single-chip , digital product supply .
high conversion efficiency , up to 90 % , an average of 85 % , 3.7V liter 5V/1A typical application efficiency of 87% , measured map below for reference
ultra-small size , installed in a variety of small equipment
with working lights , and set aside the identification resistor installation location


۱ The input voltage: 2.0-5.0V;
۲ No load output voltage: 5.1V +/-0.1V;
۳ Conversion efficiency up to 90%, average 85%;
۴Maximum output current: (can work for a long time):


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